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Palm Bay Painting Contractor

Buildings with chipping, peeling or fading paint are in need of attention. Your home is an investment that needs protection inside and out. Commercial buildings lose their curb appeal when paint begins to wear. Skyden Contractors serves the Palm Bay – Melbourne area with interior painting and exterior painting services to keep your buildings fresh and beautiful inside and out. Our  from team of highly skilled professionals listen to your ideas and put together a plan to transform your home or commercial building to meet your specifications from start to finish. We work within your timelines and budget whether you want a basic painting service or a more elaborate transformation with luxury wall treatments or basic painting services.

Interior Painting

Skyden Contractors carefully preps interior walls with cleaning, wall repair and surface prep before painting. Primer is applied to ensure flawless coverage that will last for years to come. At least two coats of high quality paint are applied. During work hours, vapor and dust barriers are set in place to protect the rooms not being painted. We cover all floors, fixtures and other surfaces and clean the area at the end of the day, even if the job requires a return the next day.

Specialty Interiors

Your specifications are our priority. Skyden Contractors delivers protective, artistic and architectural coatings. We offer Venetian and Italian plasters, staining and faux finishes upon request. We listen to your ideas, offer cost effective solutions and deliver specialty interior painting services that exceed customer expectations in the Palm Bay – Melbourne area. If you have an idea, we are committed to turning it into a reality.

Exterior Painting

Skyden Contractors offers Residential and Commercial Exterior Painting. We pressure wash exterior surfaces using environmentally friendly detergent as a part of our commitment to preserving the planet. All dirt, grime, mold and failing paint is removed. Holes and cracks are filled and rough edges are sanded or feathered for a flawless finish. We caulk windows to ensure good insulation and a smooth adjoining surface. We prime the surface, then apply two coats of high quality paint for a finish that will beautify the exterior of the building and last for years to come. After each painting project, we leave a complete touch up kit for the areas painted or stained. Driveway and walkway cleaning is also available upon request.

Why Skyden Contractors for your painting needs?

We specialize in interior and exterior painting services for homes, condos, townhouses and commercial projects in the Palm Bay – Melbourne area. No job is too big or too small. Skyden Contractors puts the customer in charge and offers advisement as needed, to achieve a perfect and flawless result. We work hard to save you time, money and work within your budget and time lines. We never leave a mess and always deliver top notch painting services. Give us a call to plan your next painting project.