Home Remodeling for Palm Bay, Florida

Skyden Contractors is a restoration and home improvement company in the construction industry that is located in Palm Bay Florida. Our team of experts provides our excellent services to the areas of Palm Bay and the nearby counties. From the design phase all the way to its completion, we handle every single aspect of the process for you. Our craftsmanship and job dedication keep our past customers coming back to us for additional home improvement and restoration services time and time again. Anyone who works with one of us here at Skyden Contractors will give you peace of mind when hiring certified licensed contractors to help you restore and improve your home or property.

Why Skyden?

The decision to remodel your home in Palm Bay is not something that should be made lightly. It is extremely important to make sure that you do some research and have all of the facts before deciding to commit to a remodeling or repair project. The various construction and repair experts at Skyden Contractors will take your vision of what you want this project to be and turn that vision into a reality.  With Skyden Contractors, you don’t pick from a set of floor plans and alter one or two things to get what you want in a project. Instead, you custom design your home with your specific needs in mind. We partner with various architectural firms in order to build your home as you want it to be.

New Home Build

Building a new home in Palm Bay that fits your needs and desires does not have to mean that you need to buy a brand new home or build one from scratch. Skyden Contractors’ experts can help you to get the home that you need. Whether you’re restoring an old Palm Bay home, renovating a few rooms or completely overhauling your home from scratch, we at Skyden Contractors can help you get the style you need to have a home that you will love!

What we offer:

  • Local Professional Painting

  • Top Home Building

  • Wood Flooring Contractor

  • Custom Cabinet Dealer

  • Professional Bath Remodeling